The program is funded by grants financed by companies including Intel, Google, Northrop Grumman, and Apple¬†with the goal of teaching young girls Grades 6 – 12 the fundamentals in programming and computational thinking in a fun, friendly, and creative environment. Ultimately, our objective is to increase the representation of women working in STEM through this exposure to youths. WorkIt offers free workshops that are especially beneficial to young women who may not normally have such courses of instruction or technology readily available. We’ll be using Scratch to create fundamental ideas and Arduino to make these concepts tangible to learn to code and think computationally.

  • WHO
    • Girls in grades 6-12. No previous qualifications or experience is necessary. Applications and the program is free.
  • WHAT
    • A series of workshops teaching girls to code. The first half deals with the Scratch programming language, the second half teaches using Arduino hardware.
  • WHY
    • To increase exposure to computational thinking. Ultimately, increase the representation of women working in STEM.
  • HOW
    • Get girls into computers and technology as youths. Offer opportunities and resources that are not normally readily available.